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Let’s work together on BandLab!

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1. Find Your Sound

Click the ‘+ Add’ button next to your beat(s) & select your license option.

2. Secure Checkout

Proceed to the checkout page, click ‘Checkout’ to make payment via PayPal, Crypto, or Card.

3. Instant Download

Receive an immediate download link to the instrumental beats in your inbox.

Learn how to make music now, regardless of your platform

Get started with these easy steps:

Instant Collab Instructions:

No matter what app you prefer, the basic instructions remain the same.
Follow these basic instructions to get started.

1. Write Your Song

Write your lyrics. Express yourself!

2. Record Your Vocals

Lay down the vocals. Use the mix tools available.

Publish Your Song

Upload to your DSP and share with me for promotion!

Enhance your vocal performance with AutoTune!

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